Quick Winner: Mandy Ardnt of Charlottle.  She found the Winning page on:

1.Britta's Blog

2.Frankie Ballard 'Rock The Lot' Pics

3.Link said More pics here'


First: It's easy..We give hints every half hour..and once we get a winner..We go for a 2nd CALL IN winner on the B-LINES.

Second: Some where in the pages: Pics, Photo Galleries and Blog pages..there is a Link.  The link will say..Full Story Here..Or..More Pics Here.  Something like that..Instead it will take to to the WINNING PAGE!

Third:  When You find the page..You'd see today's date AND a small phrase to call the B-lines!  Only the FIRST caller wins 2 THREE days passes to Faster Horses this weekend..PLUS a CAMPING pass your you and a guest. 


These PASSES need to be picked up at the B93 Studios!

If you have a question..Call Conrad at 616-242-9393... We'll post hints HERE as they are released.



Disclaimer: I you or anyone in you family has won a previous B93 Online Scavenger Hunt, Sorry. You are Ineligible!