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I started out as a child. I was raised by wonderful parents and one sister and still stay in contact and visit with them often. They all live in Illinois. I'm the only "Michigander" in the family. I have 2 kids, Austin and Kira, whom I love dearly!!! My uncle Jeff, a retired game warden in Peoria County, IL loves Michigan because, well, we have some of the best areas for deer hunting here!

I've been in radio for about 18+ years now, starting at a little 6000 Watt station in Mendota, IL (WGLC FM - Northern Illinois Country) When I started college then, I wanted more than anything to be on the air. At the time, I was in school for Computer Science / Information Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology. I worked 3 hours a week on Saturdays, green as they come, doing this silly little mid-afternoon show. Finally, they needed a broadcast electronics engineer/IT guy. Since their engineer left, I applied and got the position. From that point on, I designed, built, and maintained radio stations for many years and many stations, up until 2003. All along with that, I still did shows on a few different stations. One of my favorites was an afternoon country show I did on WALS 102. It was called, "The Afternoon Cruise" and was on the air for almost 4 years. It was all-request and I made so many friends during that time! While doing many requests and with news by my dear friend Tracy Mason, I hold that station dear to my heart, along with my listeners. In fact, I even built that station and put it on the air! I also left the country back in the 90's with my family to Melbourne, Australia. I decided to travel there on and off for while to explore that beautiful country. If you've ever been or would like to go, you'll see what I mean! And if you're planning on going some time, email me and I'll tell you the sights and wildlife preserves that I visited. It's truly spectacular! Anyway, back to the story, I've been on 107 MUS "The Moose" since December of 2004 and have loved every minute of it! My listeners are definitely the most dedicated and true that I've ever had. I'm very fortunate!

That about sums up my career in radio and a few odds and ends. Thank you so much for listening to me on Saturdays! I'll do my very best to make sure it'll be a good time! :)


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