If I asked people how many know someone who has cancer or have had cancer themselves, most could raise their hand but if you ask about ALS, a lot fewer people raise their hand.

I didn't really know much about ALS until my daughter's husband's grandmother died from it and then my cousin's wife was diagnosed with ALS and she was only in her early 50's.  As with cancer, ALS has no age boundaries.

Ok, let's talk about the ALS Ice Water Challenge.  How many of you have been tagged for the ALS Ice Water Challenge?  How many of you have  been challenged and do not want to accept it????  I was called out by my daughter in law LB.  At first I thought yuck  I have to be recorded having ice water being dumped on my head and then when I sat down and really thought about it....what really is the big deal to a little ice water?  Besides it was for a good cause - ALS, I mean I give money to cancer research so why not dump water on my head and give 10.00.  I actually should be giving 100 because there is a great need for more research on ALS.

Be sure to check out this site   

http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html         to learn more and get involved.


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