A couple of weeks ago Jerry Carlson, Jan Carlson and over 240 volunteers went down the Muskegon River and did  their annual river clean up.  This is just one of the pics that were taken on that Saturday morning by Peggy Dault.  

I think even more impressive that this pics are the actual numbers of things taken from the river!   I know that the water levels in the Spring had a lot to do with some of the items found in the river but not the beverage containers, the foot apparel and some of the trash.  Imagine this; 

1567 beverage containers
65 1/2 foot apparel
900 lbs. pressure treated lumber
400 lbs. assorted metal
550 lbs. of regular trash
8 tires
1 bird house
1 park bench
1 picnic table
 Roughly a ton of trash all together, about 900 lbs. of it was pressure treated lumber.
More pics can be found on the 107mus face book page 
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