Furry Fridays - Presented by West Michigan K9

Hey Moose Listener Family...I'm on a mission to get as many area dogs and cats adopted into loving families as I can.  Nothing completes a family quite like a Fur Baby.  Each Friday I will be featuring a new dog which currently resides with the Noah Project and for cat lovers I will post the profile of a cat from Faithful to Felines.  I'm sure in the weeks ahead we will be able to find that purr-fect new addition to your home.

Check out this week's lovable pets looking for a Forever Family

First up is Kiley.  

Kiley is only 6 or 7 months old and is growing fast. She LOVES playing fetch. During kennel time she enjoys a stuffed kong with peanut butter treats. She has been working on her basics like sit and stay and is doing great. Kiley has a lot of playful energy and would do great in a home with an active family. Looking for a running partner or a companion to go hiking with? Come meet Kiley. She would make a great addition to any family.

Check out this cool cat...Whisper

WHISPER is a two-year-old domestic long-haired orangey-brown/black Tabby with a white bib and some white on her paws.  She is deaf, but that does not prevent her from being playful and warm and loving.  She needs a low-key, indoor-only home with no small children and no dogs, because she cannot hear them approaching, and might be harmed by them.  She should be an only pet. She is living in a foster home, and is being taught sign language.

If you think either one of these Sweeties could be the missing piece of your family, please visit their websites to schedule an in-person visit.

Noah Project             https://www.noahprojectmuskegon.org/

Faithful to Felines      http://www.faithful2felines.com/

Furry Fridays...brought to you by West Michigan K9      https://www.westmichigank9.com/


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