Judge Throws Out Lawsuits in Creepy 'Watcher' Case

posted by Evann Gastaldo - 

The "Watcher" lawsuit battle between past and current owners is over, though a criminal investigation remains active in the creepy case involving a house with an apparent stalker. 

The story began in 2014, when Derek and Maria Broaddus bought a $1.35 million Dutch Colonial home in Westfield, NJ, from John and Andrea Woods. Days before the closing, the Woods received a letter from someone calling himself "The Watcher."

 It was the first such letter they had received and Andrea Woods didn't find it threatening. But within two weeks of buying the house, the Broadduses had received three letters from "The Watcher"claiming the house was under his ownership and control. Disturbed, they never moved in, and the house is currently occupied by renters and back on the market for $1.125 million.

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