WATCH: Kalamazoo native Ryan Hurd sings "Michigan In The Winter"

There's been a buncha songs written about the joys of living in the south, most notably the anthemic "Sweet Home Alabama".

While Detroit-area born-and-raised Kid Rock hails the joys of summertime in the mitten state in the nostalgia-steeped, country-rockin' "All Summer Long", RCA Nashville singer-songwriter and Michigan native Ryan Hurd has released a song with our home right in the title. "Michigan For The Winter" is a song about love lost, and how maybe "...a change of scene 'til the seasons change, maybe longer nights, maybe shorter days, will get me over what I can't get past..."

The song paints a vivid picture of a backroads home in wintertime, "...46th Street, that first right turn, down a dirt road watching that wood stove burn...", that could be just about anywhere, although it's likely that Hurd drew from the area in-and-around his native Kalamazoo.

Oh, and if you think that Hurd is drawing from his current relationship, I doubt it. Hurd is married to country star Maren Morris. The two met in 2013 while writing the ballad “Last Turn Home” for Tim McGraw, became engaged in July 2017, and got hitched on March 24th, 2018.

Check out Hurd's debut EP, "To A T".