What's Michigan's most popular auto brand? Why?

What brand of automobile are Michigan residents most obsessed with?

Are you a Ford fan, because you love the big Ford F150 pickup truck?

Maybe you're that "I ain't drivin' no 'Found On Road Dead', I love my Silverado" Chevy fan.

Or, maybe you're the SUV type and drive a Chevy Traverse or Ford Escape.

All those go through too much gas for you? Then maybe you're a fan of a gas-sipping Honda or Toyota.

Well, according to educateddriver.org, Michigan's favorite brand of automobile is none of those.

It's Chrysler.

What models does Chrysler make? According to Chrysler.com, there's only three:

-- Pacifica (SUV)

-- Pacifica Hybrid (SUV)

-- 300 (sedan)

That leads me to believe that they actually are counting ALL the brands that Fiat Chrysler owns, including Ram, Fiat, Alfa Romeo (of which I saw actually saw one in Grand Rapids over the holidays... one... lol), and Dodge, which features the following models: Challenger; Charger; Durango; Journey and the Caravan.

Oh, and there's one more brand. In fact, I think it's THE brand that makes Chrysler the favorite brand of automobile for the citizens of the Great Lakes State. You see, the website used "consumer search data at the state level" to determine "which car brand each state was most obsessed with relative to the national average." That brand? 


Jason's dirty Jeep!

We are pretty much obsessed with our Jeeps, aren't we?

Karen says she loves her Jeep Grand Cherokee because it "sits up higher than a car so I can see around me on the road better... then there's the 4wd, not so bad on gas

Meredith indicates that her love of Jeeps is a functionality issue, adding "It will go thru anything, they’re comfortable to drive and ride in! There is a reason mail people drive Jeeps, they last forever!!"

For Cara, the switch to Jeep encompasses so many things, says she was "always been a foreign car driver - Volvo, Audi and Acura. I have always loved the look of a Jeep. Now, I drive a Wrangler, and this is my second one. I have two kids that I cart all over the place, and the Jeep makes me feel incredibly safe in the winter months. Not only do I feel safe but the resale value for Jeeps are great. I love that no matter what year your Jeep is, they really don’t change much about the body style. We bought my new Jeep in the spring of 2018 knowing that someday we would have our daughters drive it because we feel it’s such a safe vehicle. And it looks cool!"

But Autumn echoes what so many Jeep drivers feel -- it's not just the functionality, but the sense of belongingness, of being a part of the Jeep family. "I love my jeep because the group of people that I have met, and gotten to know. The amazing jeep people, cheap parts and cool upgrades. They're fun. And cheap."

Three Jeeps

What brand of automobile are you obsessed with? And why?

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