"Pure"?!? Maybe not, Michigan among the "most sinful" in US

Beer and baseball... but does that make me "sinful"?

When you think of the "hotbeds of sin", what place comes to mind?

Vegas, right?

"Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and all that. The phrase has been a part of our vernacular since it was created for a tourism marketing campaign in 2003.

Juxtapose that with our state's own marketing phrase, "Pure Michigan", created for a similar tourism marketing campaign in 2008.

But are we really all that pure? Maybe not, according to WalletHub.

The website has calculated and ranked the "Most Sinful States in the U.S."... and if you guessed Vegas, you're pretty much right; the state of Nevada has been determined to be the most sinful state of the union.

But Michigan? We clock in as the ninth-most sinful.

How can that be?!? We live in PURE MICHIGAN! We live along this gorgeous lakeshore!!! And our neighbors, Grand Rapids and Ottawa County, are thought to be some of the most conservative in the entire nation!

So... how did the website come to this conclusion? They say they "compared the 50 states across 43 key indicators of immorality" in "seven key dimensions: 1) Anger & Hatred, 2) Jealousy, 3) Excesses & Vices, 4) Greed, 5) Lust, 6) Vanity and 7) Laziness"... Sounds like the seven deadly sins, doesn't it?

WalletHub used data such as "violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to share of the population with gambling disorders" to determine the scores.

If we are so sinful, then who isn't? What was the least sinful state? Vermont... with Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska and Idaho also in the bottom five.

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