WATCH: You CAN take your phone on the new Cedar Point coaster, but WHY?!?

THAT looks like FUN!!!

If you love roller coasters, and you are looking forward to Cedar Point's new coaster Steel Vengeance, there's good news - you'll now be able to take your cell phone with you on the ride.

Until now, the park was going to ban you from taking your cell phone on that ride... but here's the thing - this new coaster FLIPS you FOUR times, so WHY would you even WANNA take your phone with you?!? lol... I mean, I paid way too much to take it on a ride and watch it fly away and be shattered to bits. Nope. Ain't gonna do it.

And, to their benefit, the park is still not gonna let you hold your phone on the ride. Instead, the park is adding a zippered pouch to the bottom of your seat, so you'll have to store your phone there.

Cedar Point's website says the park is scheduled to open on May 11th.

But, what about Michigan's Adventure?

As of right now, Michigan's Adventure's website says it's scheduled to open on May 24th - that's the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The water park is listed to open that Saturday.

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