What's the most binge-watched TV show for us Michiganders?

Were you one of the 17.4 million viewers across the US that watched the season 8 premiere of "Game of Thrones" on Sunday? HBO says that 11.8 million watched it live while the 5.6 million either watched an encore presentation OR streamed it with HBO's own app, which they say had the "largest night of streaming activity ever for HBO."

Seems like everyone watches that show... except me. I've never seen a single episode of GOT, but then I've never watched any of the "Star Wars" movies either, nor have I seen "Titanic"... but I digress... and now after seeing this article at geek.com, I don't feel like I'm all alone on Planet Tony. They've broken it down state-by-state.

While GOT is most favorite series to binge-watch across all of America, us Michiganders don't prefer GOT. That's what the data shows.

So, what is our most favorite series to binge-watch here in the mitten state?


Say what?

Maybe I am all alone on Planet Tony with my minions because, while I've seen the show listed on Netflix, I've never seen a single episode, nor has anyone else ever mentioned to me that they've seen a single episode. Not even a "Ya know, I tried 'Ozark' but I just couldn't get into it" or "I like 'Ozark' but we can't watch it in front of the kids". Nothing. Not even as much as a mention on Facebook from any of my friends or on my small-in-numbers-yet-happy Instagram followers. Nothing.

But here's the catch - the Geek.com survey asked for the "most favorite series to binge-watch... in the past 18 months." Problem - GOT's season 7 finale was on August 27th, 2017. That was more than 18 months ago, while "Ozark" premiered on July 21, 2017. So, if you were already a GOT fan prior to the season 7 finale and you took this survey, you'd like answer ANYTHING but GOT because you'd already seen them all already.

What do our neighbor states like the most? Illinois goes with the rest of the nation as a whole with GOT, Wisconsin says "NCIS" (gotta love Gibbs), Ohio prefers "The Office", while Indiana loves their (wait for it..........) "Two and a Half Men"... I have no words...

See which show each state likes most - click HERE.

The rest of the top 5 most favorite series to binge-watch across all of the US: #2 "The Office", #3 "Ozark", #4 "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel", and #5 "Grace and Frankie".

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