West Michigan's obsession with CASH... and three ways to get some!!!

We like making it.

We love it when it's given to us.

Some will do just about anything to get it.

We are definitely a society that's obsessed with money! CASH money!!!

Don't deny it. Even though we are preached at not to, we still (as a society) are obsessed with money and how to get it the EASY way... but often, easy does NOT mean LEGAL.

Did you see what happened in the Big Rapids area over the weekend? Three men from Chicago were arrested after they were caught passing counterfeit bills in Mecosta County. WOOD TV says the men used fake $100 bills that at five different stores just so they could get a lot of change. When police tracked them down, they found several counterfeit $100 bills and more than $1,500 in real cash.

Here's what else these men could have done -- just went to Grand Haven and went on a money hunt! That's where a man accidentally left a cardboard box on the bumper of his truck and drove away. What was in the box? $30,000 IN CASH! The box fell off the bumper while he was driving north on US-31. Money everywhere!!!

Police have asked that anyone who recently found money in that area to turn it into authorities... but honestly what's the chances that everyone that finds money will do that? Well, some have, including a group of Grand Haven teenage boys that turned in $630. A woman from West Olive turned in $3,880 Saturday morning. See? There are decent people left in this world.

Ya gotta feel bad for the man that just drove off, forgetting that he had set that box full of his cash on his bumper. I mean, haven't you ever accidentally left something sitting on your vehicle and just drove away? My friends are always doing that with their phones or purses. In college, I once left home with a bowl of oatmeal on my car, only to see it fly off and up in the air and BAM onto the pavement at nearly 60 mph. Thank goodness no one was behind me... and I did get a good laugh at how it went splat all over the pavement, but I digress.

These dudes from Chicago could have made money an easier and more legal way, ya know. They could have got a J-O-B and worked for it like most of us do... or maybe even try to win that massive Powerball lottery jackpot like a month or so ago...

...or there IS another way.

Every hour, 107MUS the Moose gives you the chance to win an easy $1,000 the simple way - with a text-to-win keyword. Just listen for that text-to-win keyword at around five-to-ten-after EVERY HOUR from 6am til 10pm, thanks to Cabinet Headquarters on Airline Road across from Mona Lake in Muskegon.

See? You read through this entire article all about money...

...and I even wrote the darn thing, so I guess we all are a little money obsessed. Me? I got a wedding to pay for and kids to feed.

What's your excuse?:)

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