Could fireworks law changes help area businesses boom?

WYOMING, Mich. (via WOOD TV) — Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to amateur fireworks season, and GS Fireworks owner David Jewell is stocked up and ready.

“Sometimes fireworks are kind of a last-minute detail,” he said. “So they'll be coming in here Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”

But Jewell's customers may have less time to fire off their favorite consumer-grade pyrotechnics this summer.

After years of complaints from people rattled by late-night explosions in the days surrounding federal holidays, Michigan lawmakers passed legislation late last year giving local communities more control over when fireworks can be lit.

Communities don't have to have any restrictions if they so choose, but the new laws allow communities to whittle down the number of days consumer-grade fireworks can be lit from 30 to 12.

Each community will have the option to restrict consumer-grade fireworks on all days except the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, an entire week around July Fourth, the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend and New Year’s Eve.

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