Norton Shores home clinging to top of eroding dune

Have you seen this house? Crazy!!!

WOOD TV reports that a Norton Shores home is on the verge of falling into Lake Michigan after erosion and high water levels depleted the dry land.

The city said the cottage, which is on Idlewild Road south of W. Sherman Boulevard, is no longer safe for use and must be torn down. 

“You can see part of the foundation is exposed on the dunes side,” Todd Kempf of the city’s building inspection department said Thursday, describing the home’s problems. “There’s a deck that is attached to the side of the home with a tree that grows out of the deck and the root ball of the tree is exposed.”

Kempf said the home is virtually hanging off a cliff. He said his department worries that if the tree near the deck falls, it will pull the entire deck with it. He said there is no way to prevent the dune from washing out and taking the home with it, so the city concluded it must be torn down.

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