'Electrocution Incident' Leaves One Swimmer Dead At Arizona Lake

One person was killed in what officials described as an "electrocution incident" at Lake Pleasant in Arizona. Authorities received a report that multiple people were drowning near Scorpion Bay, and firefighters were dispatched to the scene. As they made their way to the lake, they learned that there was an electric current running through the water near one of the docks.

"At that time, we knew the water was energized, and none of our firefighters were to go in it until we could secure the electricity to the dock," Peoria Fire Captain Mario Bravo said.

After securing the dock, firefighters began to rescue the swimmers in the water. Two people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Two others were injured but declined to be transported to the hospital.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is conducting a body recovery and has not released the victims' identity.

Investigators said it was an isolated incident and they were trying to determine the exact cause of the electrical current that was running through the water.

Photo: Getty Images