Bobby Bones on Travis Kelce Bumping Head Coach Andy Reid

Last night was the 58th Super Bowl and the Kansas City Chiefs won!

A big moment that happened during the game was when Travis Kelce ran over to Andy Reid and bumped into him and started screaming in his face. It was very aggressive looking, and Reid was startled and almost fell over. If the Chiefs had not won, it probably would have turned into a bigger deal.  

Bobby Bones thought it was such a bad look that Taylor Swift could break up with him. Bones had never seen a player get that aggressive towards a coach during a game. Raymundo even commented on a picture of it happening and asked if that’s what Kelce does to Swift and it got thousands of likes. Amy thought it might be indicative of behavior that people don’t see when things don’t go well. Everyone agreed they had never seen him look like that and it wasn’t a good look. They agreed he was emotional in the moment, but it was a terrible display of sportsmanship.  

photo: Getty Images

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