Ian Munsick Admits Inspiration Behind Song About Cow Manure

Ian Munsick stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share how growing up in Wyoming influenced his music, his new documentary, perform and more!  

Munsick’s music is 100% himself. When he describes his music to people, he always likes to first tell people where he is from; Wyoming. It’s a good lead in because a lot of his music is about mountains, ranches and life in Wyoming. He is authentic to where he is from, and it’s reflected in his music and called his song “White Buffalo” the perfect introduction to get to know him and his life in Wyoming.  

His documentary White Buffalo: Voices of The West is based on cowboys, ranchers and Native Americans and how they all live and work together in harmony to keep the land healthy. It’s important for Munsick to make sure that message gets put out because to him the land is the most important part of where he grew up. It's why so many people fall in love with the West and the Rockies because of the land. He thinks there isn’t enough education about the work that goes in to keep it that way and the people who have dedicated their life to it.  

Munsick grew up on an 80-acre ranch in Wyoming. He lived a few miles away from a town of 500 people and the school had about 20 kids in each grade. If anyone needed to go to Wal-Mart or into town, it was a deal.  Growing up there he started to drive around 5-years-old when his dad made him drive their truck in the pasture while his brothers stacked hay barrels. The truck was on cruise control and didn’t go faster than 3 miles per hour and he was just told to keep the wheel straight. Family and home life are huge for Munsick and he comes from a musical family. His father and brothers are real cowboys and play western music. Munsick loves all types of music, so his music has always had that spin on it. His family is proud he is taking the spirit of the west with his music but also making it his own. His dad and two older brothers call themselves ‘The Munsick Boys’ and they are coming on the road with him. They open with just the three of them and then at the end, Munsick joins them so it’s the four of them together again.  

One of the songs on Munsick's White Buffalo record is called “Cowshit In The Morning,” and was inspired by his life on the ranch in Wyoming. He had been away for a while and when he got back to the ranch one morning the first thing, he smelt was cow poop. He loves that smell and wanted to write about it but twisted it so the girl doesn’t like that smell so it’s not going to work out.  

While in studio, Munsick performed “White Buffalo” and “Heartbreak King," watch below!

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